Monday, December 23, 2013


Performed by: Kapuso All Stars
Composer & Producer: Janno Gibbs
Co-Producers: Kedy Sanchez & Alwyn Cruz
Musical Arranger: Paulo Zarate
Director: Vincent Gealogo
Executive In Charge of Production: Lilybeth G. Rasonable

GMA Entertainment TV
GMA Records
GMA Post Production
GMA News & Public Affairs
GMA Program Support Department
GMA Corporate Communications
GMA Artist Center

Retail: P25 per download via
          .69 USD per download on iTunes

Monday, December 16, 2013

DEEPER - Julie Anne San Jose

DEEPER (single)
Composed and Performed by: Julie Anne San Jose

Retail: P25 per download via OPM2GO -

Monday, November 25, 2013

BAGONG UMAGA - Gary Ignacio and The Saintstreet

Gary Ignacio (former ALAMID vocalist) and The Saintstreet band released an all-original album entitled "BAGONG UMAGA".

Track list:

1. Sarap Ng Fiesta
2. Bahaghari feat. Cookie Chua
3. Shooting Star
4. Great To Fall
5. Tanglaw feat. Cookie Chua
6. Kung Darating Ang Ulan
7. Flowers
8. Handog
9. Ngayon Ang Panahon feat. Marco de Leon, Jek Manuel & Mike Chan
10.Within We Bleed feat. Ryan Christian Recto
11. Again
12. Alay
13. Alaala Bagong Umaga
14. Our Love
15. Great To Fall feat. Dolce Melodia
16. Flowers feat. Dolce Melodia, Ashley, Sean, Gavin & KC

Retail price: OPM2GO : P250/album ; P20/song

Thursday, November 14, 2013

PAGBANGON - Julie Anne San Jose

Pagbangon (A Project for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda)
Performed by: Julie Anne San Jose
Composed by: Edward Mitra
Lyrics by: Joseph Saguid

All proceeds of this song will go to the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda through the GMA Kapuso Foundation.

Download your copy via OPM2GO:

Release date: Nov 14, 2013
Retail : OPM2GO - P25
           iTunes - .99 USD

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ESCAPE - Marielle Castro

Marielle Castro releases her new single "Escape" (theme from GMA Koreanovela "Fabulous Boys").

The autobiographical "Escape" is possible one of Marielle's best numbers, offering listeners a peek inside her thoughts.  Largely taking its cue from Taylor Swift's brand of pop, "Escape" sounds like a cut from Fearless.  It's a charming, country-tinged track that says a lot about Marielle. "I wrote this two years ago. I was camping with friends and I needed that escape because I wanted to decide on my own, to think clearly about situations that might influence the tough decision that I had to make."

Download her new single on iTunes at .99 USD

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TAKE 1: The Best of Awit Kapuso Originals

Track list:

1. Buksan Ang 'Yong Puso (Legend Theme) - Jolina Magdangal
2. Ikaw Nga (Mulawin Theme) - South Border
3. Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw (Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw theme) - Lani Misalucha
4. Ang Mundo Ko'y Ikaw (Bakekang theme) - Jonalyn Viray
5. Di Na Mag-iisa (Darna theme) - Jonalyn Viray
6. Mahiwagang Puso (Encantadia theme) - Karylle / Jerome
7. Moments Of Love (Moments Of Love theme) - Jennylyn Mercado & Janno Gibbs
8. Majika (Majika theme) - Kitchie Nadal
9. Marimar (Marimar theme) -  Aicelle Santos
10. Pers Lab (Pers Lab theme) - Rita Iringan
11. Handog (Wish Ko Lang theme) - Kyla
12. Pag-ibig Na Tunay (Pilyang Kerubin theme)
13. Walang Imposible (Wish Ko Lang theme) - Jolina Magdangal
14. Kamandag (Kamandag theme) - First Circle

Release date: October 15, 2013
Retail (digital) - iTunes - .49 USD per song ;  4.99 USD per album


Track list:

1. One More Try - Tom Rodriguez & Dennis Trillo
2. Ikaw Ang Sagot - Tom Rodriguez
3. Kailan Man - Dennis Trillo
4. Photograph - Tom Rodriguez
5. It's Over Now - Dennis Trillo
6. Hey It's Me - Tom Rodriguez
7. Stay - Dennis Trillo
8. Forever - Tom Rodriguez & Dennis Trillo\

Release date: October 15, 2013
SRP: P250.00

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

JAYA : GMA Collection Series

The Philippines' Queen of Soul, Jaya, has been a mainstay in the Philippine airwaves since the 90s.  This latest collection from GMA Records contains twenty tracks from Jaya's albums, "Cool Change" and "Real.Love.Stories".  These are carefully selected songs that tell stories of life, love and all its other intricacies.

Genre: Pop
Price: 6.99 USD per album / .49 USD per song
Outlets: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ONE MORE TRY - Kuh Ledesma

Kuh Ledesma has been considered one of the most successful pop artists in this century with over a thousand performances around the world to date. Not only is she known for her music, but of her appearances in many well-known Filipino TV series.

On the single "One More Try", Kuh Ledesma sings the theme song of the most talked-about Filipino drama series, "My Husband's Lover", in which she stars as Elaine Soriano, one of the leading actors in the series.  This song is written by renowned composer Cecille Azarcon.

Genre: Pop
Price: .69 USD
Outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

JANNO : GMA Collection Series

Extensively acknowledged as one of the country's leading singer-songwriters, Janno Gibbs has been in the entertainment industry for more than twenty years.  Working as an actor and a host, Janno has proven to be a great talent throughout the years as well as a mentor for upcoming stars. In Janno GMA Colection Series, GMA Records selected twenty-three of Janno's greatest hits, including his own compositions and covers of great classic love songs.

Genre: Pop
Price: 6.99 USD per album / .49 USD per song
Outlets: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Vincent got his girlfriend Lally pregnant while they were still in college. So they decided to get married even if the two of them were not ready for the responsibility and Vincent's mother, Elaine, was very much against it. Thus Lally's married life was never smooth-sailing because of Elaine. But for the love of her husband, Lally endures the hardships in dealing with her mother-in-law. However, when Lally got pregnant with their second child, Vincent suddenly became distant and cold towards her. Lally felt that Vincent was being unfair to her so she decided to leave with their children. Vincent loves his kids so much, so he tried to win back his wife by proposing and this time getting married again with the church's blessing.

Unknown to Lally, Vincent is keeping a secret from her; it is also a secret he has kept from everyone else since he was young. Vincent is a closeted homosexual man who never came out for fear that it'll destroy his family. However, everything changed when he once again crosses paths with Eric - his greatest love. Unlike Vincent, Eric is openly gay. But, just like Vincent, he is still in love with him.

Eventually, the two men start an affair and Vincent tries to hide the affair from Lally by showering her with gifts and attention. However, Lally's intuition tells her that something is wrong in her seemingly perfect marriage. That's when she starts to investigate and she eventually learns of Vincent's darkest secret.

Special Feature: UNAIRED SCENES
SRP: P225 per volume

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PERS LAB : GMA Collection Series

GMA Records is one of Philippines' most established labels.  The label has been receiving the Filipino music industry with Original Pilipino Music (OPM) since 2003.  With acts from Julie Anne San Jose, Ogie Alcasid, Dimsum, Janno Gibbs and Maricris Garcia and a host of multi-platinum and gold records under their belt, GMA Records established itself as one of the key players in the Filipino music market.

In celebration of pop, love and everything in between, GMA will be releasing 'PERS LAB', a collection of one of the best love songs to date. Including much loved ballads "Points Of View" and "Let Me Be The One", "Pers Lab" is Pers-fect for that special someone.

Genre: Pop
Price: 4.99 USD per album / .49 USD per song
Outlets: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Talent show winners and runner-up Jonalyn Viray, Aicelle Santos and Maricris Garcia, also known as Filipino pop icons La Diva, are far from a one trick pony.  With at least one solo record each, the trio have never been content with just one award wining outfits and have proven time and time again that they are more than capable making it as artists in their own right.

In celebration of the lasting success of La Diva, GMA's latest collection series release "Maricis. Jonalyn. Aicelle" is a tribute to the girl's individual talents. Combining tracks from all of the girls solo albums,  "Maricis. Jonalyn. Aicelle" is the only place to get the best of each girls solo work in one simple package.

Genre: Pop
Digital Release Date: 23 July 2013
(available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon)


Pinoy Pop Superstar was a talent search on program on the GMA Network, one of Asia's most admired broadcasting networks and Philippines' leading Media Company.  The singing competition was hosted by one and only Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez and the annual competition has been responsible for launching the careers of Jonalyn Viray, Maricris Garcia and Gerald Santos.

GMA Records is happy to bring you "Pinoy Pop Superstars", a one-of-a-kind 23 track collection of contest highlights from the years.  Packed full of smash hit renditions and local nostalgia, the release will enthrall listeners and place in your heart.

Genre: Pop
Price: 8.99 USD per album / .49 USD per song
Now available on iTunes, Spotify & Amazon:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


OPM’s new muse MARIELLE shows you dreams do come true—even today

Carving a career in the music industry isn’t so much a choice as much as it is a destiny for talented upstart Marielle. In fact, it’s an ideal career choice for this 24-year-old aesthetic nurse currently based in Dubai.

A true-blue Filipina singer with plenty of potential, Marielle's home demos serendipitously found its way onto GMA Records, eventually causing a wave of dream-like scenes for this brilliant singer-songwriter. In a span of just 32 days, Marielle inked a recording deal with GMA Records that would eventually launch her into the music scene and start a personal journey to commercial and critical success.

Marielle’s love for music is rooted in a childhood spent singing along to songs of pop chanteuses Lea Salonga and Donna Cruz. Her passion continued to swell, studying classical piano pieces and writing compositions of her own. Not even Marielle’s focus on her studies could extinguish the fire burning inside.

Staying true to herself even after graduating and working as a nurse in another country, Marielle continuously honed her musical abilities and lyrical approach. “All my compositions are based on my tough experiences but I don’t focus on the negativity and instead, divert them to positive and hopeful thoughts,” she says.

Drawing inspiration from personal experience isn’t the only thing that drives Marielle to write songs that are channeled through her lush vocals and laid over wistful melodies. She is a disciple of the style pioneered by Eva Cassidy and Amy Winehouse and taking cues from contemporary Irish indie folk artist Lisa Hannigan and soul’s all-time favorite darling Adele.

Fans of heartfelt songwriting stand to be surprised by Marielle's first single, “Bubble.” It’s a delightful indie pop goodness with Marielle's delicate vocals cooing confessional lyrics like they were taken straight from her diary. Gorgeous harmonies embolden sentimental songwriting such as the chorus’ restrained beauty, ‘You’re all I need, please tell me you need me too/In this crazy world, let’s run away from lies/We will chase the wind and build our dreams.’

““Bubble” is a symbol of protection,” she muses, “Someone told me that whenever you’re performing, you have to create a certain bubble so that the crowd around you won’t affect you. It's an idea that sank in to me. I think it would be great if every family, every relationship has its own bubble to protect them from harm. It's like a fantasy, an idea that why not create this kind of world where serenity and love reigns.”

The autobiographical “Escape” is possibly one of her best numbers, offering listeners a peek inside her thoughts. Largely taking its cue from Taylor Swift’s brand of pop, “Escape” sounds like a cut from Fearless. It’s a charming, country-tinged track that says a lot about Marielle  “I wrote this two years ago. I was camping with friends and I needed that escape because I wanted to decide on my own, to think clearly about situations that might influence the tough decision that I had to make.”

That kind of introspection is most likely Marielle's better asset aside from her versatile vocals and trademark poetry. But the great thing about her is that she manages to fuse all her gifts with the dexterity of a professional to create purposeful pop music, whether to excite listeners, document her story, or express love. It’s a precious combination she does extremely well that, in time, will only pave the way for more touching and exuberant songs everyone can appreciate and relate to.

Marielle’s “Bubble” will be available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify (.99 USD) and OPM2GO (P25) by June 18.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


There’s no shortage of love in this long-awaited album from Kris Lawrence. On “Spread the Love”, his third album and first since signing with GMA Records, the R&B prince finds himself exploring the emotive trappings linked with all things love and gives his own interpretation of it—with, more often than not, insistently impressive results. 

Fans of R&B and pop will find much to appreciate on Kris’ 12-track effort. Leading the soul-fueled record is the imploring mid-tempo single “Sabihin Mo Naman” and The Innocent Man's theme song "IKAW PALA". 

1. Nightmare ft. Elmo Magalona
2. Rider ft. Q-York
3. Tell Me
4. Ikaw Pala
5. Sabihin Mo Naman
6. Di Na Matanggap
7. Unbreakable ft. Rachel Ann Go
8. Addict
9. Try Again
10. I'd Rather Be Alone
11. Make Me Whole
12. Yesterday ft. Bryant Woodart of IV Example\

Digital release: May 31, 2013
via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon SRP: 4.99 USD per album
                                                      0.49 USD per song
OPM2GO SRP: Php 220 per album
                       Php 20 per song

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Bayan Ko, GMA News TV's 1st Original Series, tells the story of newly elected Mayor Joseph Santiago who sets out to make a difference in his hometown. Shot entirely on high-definition , this groundbreaking, six-part drama is the first of its kind on Philippine television, tackling issues such as corruption, bureaucracy, malnutrition, illegal logging and political dynasties. 


Change has finally begun in the town of Lagros. Mayor Joseph Santiago (Rocco Nacino) has managed to stick to his principles of governance, ordering a crackdown on jueteng operations and gradually bringing in progress with his projects. But when an epidemic hits Lagros and the municipal health center is in dire need of supploes, corrupt Governor Antonio Rubio (Pen Medina) forces the Mayor to accept a compromise deal. The town is then deluged by storm, which turns into a massive flash flood due to decades illegal logging sustained bu the Governor and his mistress. How Mayor Santiago and his staff respond to the disaster, even with their own families in danger, paints a moving picture of what political leadership can be.

Starring Rocco Nacino, Pen Medina, LJ Reyes, Ping Medina, Mercedes Cabral, Betong Sumaya and Love Anover

With English Subtitles and Special Features

SRP: Php 450.00


Bayan Ko, GMA News TV's 1st Original Series, tells the story of newly elected Mayor Joseph Santiago who sets out to make a difference in his hometown. Shot entirely on high-definition , this groundbreaking, six-part drama is the first of its kind on Philippine television, tackling issues such as corruption, bureaucracy, malnutrition, illegal logging and political dynasties. 


In the fictional town of Lagros, an idealistic new Mayor faces some real problems. Mayor Joseph Santiago, played by Rocco Nacino, discovers a bunch of wayward employees have turned the municipal hall into a boarding house and, worse, have been making under the table deals at every turn. His efforts to fight corruption - both petty and large scale - are blocked by a political dynasty led by Governor Antonio Rubio and Congressman Anton Rubio, played by father and son tandem Pen and Ping Medina. The tension between the reform-minded Mayor and the corrupt Governor blows up into dramatic and very public confrontations.

Starring Rocco Nacino, Pen Medina, LJ Reyes, Ping Medina, Mercedes Cabral, Betong Sumaya and Love Anover

With English Subtitles and Special Features

SRP: Php 450.00

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In less than 2 years of activity, Persephone have established themselves as some of the hottest property in the Filipino Alt-Pop market. Led by Barbara Jeanne, songwriter for megastar Julie Anne San Jose, Persephone have hit the perfect balance of approachable, original and authentic.

In this debut LP, Persephone show why they're one of the Philippine's hottest young acts. Showcasing their alternative leanings and pop sensibilities across 12 great tracks, the self-titled EP is a must.

Digital album release date: May 15, 2013
Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & OPM2GO

Price per album: 4.99 USD
Price per song: 0.49 USD


"Beauty & The Music" is a huge collection of the Philippines' biggest female artists. Featuring Julie Anne San Jose. Kitchie Nadal, Jennylyn Mercado, Yasmien Kurdi, Aicelle Santos, Maricris Garcia, Jonalyn Viray, Jaya, and Lani Misalucha. With a hoard of major and developing talent over 14 sooth tracks, "Beauty & The Music" is a joyful celebration of the women in Filipino music.

Digital album release date: May 15, 2013
Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and OPM2GO

Price per album: 4.99 USD
Price per song: 0.49 USD

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

JENNYLYN: GMA Collection Series


Jen is a-home-grown-talent of GMA Network and her platinum debut album 'Living The Dream' marked her success as a multi-media artist with the smash hit KAHIT SANDALI written by award winning songwriter Vehnee Saturno. And this collector's edition showcases her sensitivie versatility as a singer with songs like SA AKING PANAGINIP, MOMENTS OF LOVE, I'D STILL SAY YES and LIVING THE DREAM.

Jen takes pride working with the prime of Pinoy Music Industry - IF I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU is a collaboration with Philippines' King of Soul Janno Gibbs and other musical production credits include Jimmy Antiporda, Kedy Sanchez, Freddie Saturno, Melvin Morallos and Agat Obar making this a must-have-collection.

"JENNYLYN: GMA Collection Series" album is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Price per album: 5.99 USD
Price per song: 0.49 USD

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


GMA Records will be realeasing a special compilation album entitled "GMA Records no. 1 HITS" on iTunes this April. The album contains 14 CERTIFIED hit songs performed by award-winning anf popular Kapuso artists such as Janno Gibss (Fallin' - Full House the song), Jaya ("Is It Over"), Michael V. ("Hindi Ako Bakla"), Jolina Magdangal ("Maybe It's You" - My Name Is Kim Sam Soon theme song), Jennylyn Mercado ("Kahit Sandali"), and Julie Anne San Jose ("I'll Be There" - Lie To me theme song).

Price per album: 4.99 USD
Price per song: 0.49 USD

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Winner, Outstanding Documentary Program 2011 Golden Screen TV Awards
Finalist, 2012 New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards
After a decade, Kara David sets out to find a young boy she met in the mining town of Paracale in Camarines Norte.

Hope lights up for the mangyansas Kara David journeys back to Sitio Dyangdang in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro to help provide solar energy.

Howie travels to the poorest rural areas in the country to walk barefoot with children who can't even afford to buy new slippers.

Join Howie and his team on a kayak journey following the water trail from the rapids of Pagsanjan to Manila Bay's sunset.

Outstanding Televised Feature on Youth and Education, 2011 Lasallian Scholarum Awards
Winner, Best Educational Program, 2011Catholic Mass Media Awards
Sandra shares the stories of families who redefine the word "burden" in a tale of unconditional love and dedication to their physical challenged children.

Sandra Aguinaldo experiences how it is to go hungry as she lives for 3 days with one of the poorest families in Western Samar.

Winner, Silver World Medal for Documentary, 2012 New York festivals
Jay Taruc discovers the poignant stories of burn victims agonizing over long-healing wounds at Mindanao Burn Center.

Jay Taruc revisits Cagayan de Oro City during the aftermath of Typhoon Sendong to witness inspiring tales of survival even in the darkest of storms.

With English Subtitles

SRP : P 550.00



6.) PUSA

Bonus Track:

Release date: March 2013

SRP: P 199.00

Thursday, February 21, 2013


GMA News and Public Affairs' biggest environmental documentary Oras Na gives us a glimpse of how much each passing moment in human existence can dictate the depletion or conservation of our natural resources.

Actor and environmental advocate Richard Gutierrez joins us as we look into the evidence of natural degration that sets a deadline for both the present and future generations.

Filmed with the world-class quality and stunning time lapse imagery, ORAS NA present a striking message that resonates with the times.

Medalist, Martine Filippi Award for Discovery URTI Grand Prix in Montecarlo 2012

With English Subtitles

Release date: February 2013

SRP: P 450.00

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


While waiting for his parents’ annulment proceedings to be over, a rich but troubled boy is forced to spend the summer with his father whom he hated so much. Apparently the father wishes to reconnect with his son who has shut him off for the longest time.

There he meets his childhood friend who has grown up to be a simple country girl with a simple dream – to fall in love with someone who will love her just as much. While her parents are solely depending on her finishing her scholarship, she carefully hides a secret as to the true conditions surrounding her studies.
The two meet again and soon were able to comfort each other amidst all their problems. And as time went on, they soon fall for each other.

This is a story of two people finding each other and finding their own selves – in just one summer.

Release date: February 2013

SRP: P 295.00


A twelve year old cold case is reopened when three teens are missing in an abandoned road.

In the course of the investigation, deeper and more gruesome stories of abduction and murders are discovered.

After more than two decades the secrets of the haunted road may finally be revealed.

The making of THE ROAD

Release date: February 2013

SRP: P 425.00