Wednesday, August 15, 2012

IDOL SA KUSINA - Chef Boy Logro

Good eating necessarily begins with good cooking.  And in "Idol Sa Kusina", GMA News TV's top rating culinary magazine show, good cooking is at its best with Chef Pablo "Boy" Logro.  He whips up food fit for kings and sultans!  Yes he does, for his domain includes the Royal kitchen of the Sultan of Oman.  Check out 12 of his mouth watering concoctions guaranteed to whet every Filipino's apetute.  Chef Boy finished international culinary training in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, and Japan and is a master chef in Oriental, Mediterranean and Western cuisines.  Go and savor world cuisine done the Chef Logro way!

Release date: August 2012
Price: P250


Artist: Julie Anne San Jose

1 . Baby You Are
2 . Bakit Ngayon
3 . Enough
4.  For Everything
5.  Glad It's Over
6.  I'll Be There
7.  MSB (My Sweet Boy)
8.  When I Close My Eyes
9.  When You Said Goodbye
10.  Hold On
11.  Let Me Be The One

Release date: Aug 15, 2012
SRP: P250