Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pepito Manaloto

     Pepito Manaloto is the first ever reality–sitcom of GMA Network. Portrayed by Asian TV Awards three-time best comedy actor, Michael V, and under the direction of Bert de Leon, this side-splitting reality-sitcom tells the almost true-to-life story of Pepito, a poor man who simply dreams of providing a comfortable life for his family.

    Just like everyone, Pepito dreams of becoming rich and famous. He dreams of winning the lottery and becoming an instant millionaire someday. So he religiously buys lotto tickets hoping his dreams will come true. Little did Pepito know that his simple and underprivileged life will significantly change when he becomes the lone winner of 700 million pesos!

      Undoubtedly, Filipinos can relate to Pepito's sudden reversal of fortune. Pinoys would certainly desire Pepito's rags-to-riches story. But what does an instant multimillionaire do with his newly acquired wealth? Can Pepito handle the instant fame and fortune? Can they stand and live up to the glamorous lifestyle of the elite?

      The hilarious reactions of Pepito and his family to the situations, places, and everything that are new to them will surely keep the viewers laughing.

Available Volumes: 1 to 5
Release Date: September 2010
with English subtitles
SRP: P 225.00 per volume

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