Friday, June 1, 2007

Panaghoy Sa Suba

Cast (in credits order) : Cesar Montano Juliana Palermo Jacky Woo Joel Torre Ronnie Lazaro Rebecca Lusterio Daria Ramirez Caridad Sanchez Suzette Ranillo
Written By: Cris Vertido  Directed By: Cesar Montano
Genre:   Romance / Drama

Synopsis: In the island province of Bohol during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, a banca operator-turned-guerrilla named Duroy (Cesar Montano) falls in love with Iset (Juliana Palermo), a lovely lass from the same village where the people’s main thoroughfare is a river. 
            John Smith (Philip Anthony), an American stingy landowner is captivated by Iset’s beauty, and so is Duroy’s brother Ibo (Reiven Bulado). Since Duroy adores his family, he gives way to his younger brother.
          When the Japanese invasion begins, Fumio Ohkohara (Jackie Woo), a handsome Japanese officer takes over the village and also falls in love with Iset. 
           During the Japanese Era, Duroy joins a band of guerillas and later becomes their leader, mainly because of his talent in creating innovative methods in fighting the enemy. Iset, on the other hand, is appalled at the brutality of the Japanese and her father’s collaboration with them. She makes a bold move against her parents and what they stand for by joining the guerillas.
         After a series of sorties, Duroy leads a final assault over the Japanese and succeeds.  It boosts his low self-esteem as an underachiever and illiterate person.
        What appears to be a battle won in love and in war takes a strange twist in the end with the return of the American suitor.  Duroy, after getting rid of the ghosts of his troubled and deprived past, decides for everyone else. He answers the insistent call of the river.

Release Date:  June 2007
SRP: DVD – P 150.00

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