Monday, April 2, 2012


      The Mulawins (half-bird, half-human) protect both their tribe and the human race from the wrath of the Ravenas, a subversive group of Mulawins who seek revenge against humans. Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez), a noble young Mulawin is in love with Alwina (Angel Locsin), a human. The daughter of the Mulawin Bagwis (Zoren Legaspi) and the human Veronica (Ara Mina), Alwina falls in love with Aguiluz, who has always been her guardian and protector since they were young. However, Aguiluz has to face countless battles to save his beloved Alwina as the Ravenas struggle to bring about mankind’s downfall.

Total Volumes - 15 (ranging from 10 to 13 episodes per volume)
Release date - March 2012
SRP: P 199.00 per volume

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