Friday, June 1, 2007


Cast (in credits order) : Cesar Montano Sunshine Cruz Johnny Delgado Celia Rodriguez John Regala Rommel Montano
Cinematography By: Gilberto Vistan
Written By: Willy Laconsay & Cesar Montano / Directed By: Cesar Montano

2006 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards:
Best Editing. Best Actor (Cesar Montano), Best Supporting Actor (Johnny Delgado)

Genre:   Suspense-thriller

A series of murders takes place in the metropolis in a span of three weeks, the latest of which happens on the night Junior (Cesar Montano), a taxi driver, makes love to a prostitute. After establishing a pattern from the killings, police investigator Inspector Noble (Rommel Montano) theorizes that a serial killer may be responsible for all the murders. Junior is aware of the killings, but this doesn't bother him.  Instead, he is focused on his new relationship with a girl named Trixie (Sunshine Cruz), a nurse whom he plans to marry.  But Trixie wants Junior to meet her family first, so they head to the countryside where her family lives.
       As the story goes, a mysterious man riding in an old van heads towards Trixie's house. When the ominous-looking man reaches the house, he takes down Trixie's family one by one and captures Trixie alive.  Meanwhile, Inspector Noble finally identifies the serial killer—Damian Garote (Johnny Delgado), an officer of Metrocom during Martial Law.  He was considered to be the most brutal and ruthless police officer during his time.  Junior eventually gets in the way of Damian and tries to stop him from getting away with Trixie. The two will recognize each other easily. But in the end, nothing is what it seems. 

Release Date:  June 2007 (Local)
SRP: DVD - P 150.00 / VCD – P 75.00

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