Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are You The Next Big Star

Artists: Frencheska Farr & Geoff Taylor


1.Bakit Ikaw- Frencheska Farr
2.Missing You-Geoff Taylor
3.Tuwina -Frencheska Farr
4. Urong Sulong- Geoff Taylor
5. Broken Wings- Geoff Taylor
6. Muli- Jay Perillo
7. Sweet Child of Mine- Camille Cortez
8. Bakit Ikaw(m-1)
9. Missing You(m-1)
10. Tuwina(m-1)
11. Urong Sulong(m-1)
12. Broken Wings(m-1)
13. Muli(m-1)
14.Sweet Child of Mine(m-1)

Release Date: December 2009
SRP: P 199.00

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