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      The Mulawins (half-bird, half-human) protect both their tribe and the human race from the wrath of the Ravenas, a subversive group of Mulawins who seek revenge against humans. Aguiluz (Richard Gutierrez), a noble young Mulawin is in love with Alwina (Angel Locsin), a human. The daughter of the Mulawin Bagwis (Zoren Legaspi) and the human Veronica (Ara Mina), Alwina falls in love with Aguiluz, who has always been her guardian and protector since they were young. However, Aguiluz has to face countless battles to save his beloved Alwina as the Ravenas struggle to bring about mankind’s downfall.

Total Volumes - 15 (ranging from 10 to 13 episodes per volume)
Release date - March 2012
SRP: P 199.00 per volume

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Best of Reporter's Notebook volume 2


1. Pinays for Export - The Asian Sex Trafficking Trail
Jiggy Manicad and Maki Pulido uncover the trail sex trafficking across Asia and discover the bitter experiences of Filipino victims.
Bronze World Medal, 2009 NEw York Festivals
Certificate for Creative Excellence, 2009 US International Film and Video Festival
2. Lunok Droga - international drug smuggling syndicates employ men and women to stuff illegal drugs inside their bodies and transport these across the globe.
Silver Screen Award, 2009 US International Film and Video Festival
3. Engkuwentro - Jun Veneracion and his crew are caught in the middle of an intense crossfire in Basilan that left 14 members of the Philippine marines dead.
Bronze World Medal, 2008 New York Festivals
4. Bahay Katayan -  Maki Pulido exposes the shocking condition of a city's slaughterhouse.
Certificate for Creative Excellence, 2007 US International Film and Video Festivals
5. Batang Hitman - minors are used as gunmen in private armed groups in Abra - a province infamous for widespread political violence.
Silver Screen Award, 2005 US International Film and Video Festivals
Highly Commended, 2005 Asian Television Awards
6. Batang Bubog - Rhea Santos meets children who search the dumpsite for broken bottles and glass sell to make ends meet.

with English subtitles
SRP: P 400.00

The Best of Reporter's Notebook volume 1


1. Batang Kalakal  - the heart-wrenching story of child scavenger Liza Asnan that resulted in unparalleled viewer feedback.
Gold World Medal, 2008 New York Festivals
2. Pinoy Exodus sa Lebanon - the compelling tale of Overseas Filipino Workers caught in the crossfire of the war in the Lebanon.
3. Backdoor - Filipino families risk their lives for an illegal entry to Malaysia.
Silver Screen Award, 2005 US International Film and Video Festivals
Highly Commended, 2005 Asian TV Awards
4. Gatilyo - the illicit gun-making industry booms as election season draws near.
Certificate for Creative Excellence, 2007 US International Film and Video Festivals
5. Isla Fuga - the dark, sad secret of the beautiful island of Fuga.
Certificate for Creative Excellence, 2005 US International Film and Video Festivals

-with bonus features
SRP: P 400.00

The Best of Kara David

      Kara David's mission as a broadcast journalist has always been to use mass media as a vehicle to deepen the capacity to empathize with the powerless.  She has almost a hundred documentaries to her name.  But it is her documentaries on children that have had the most impact.

      Many have said Kara's gift for writing is unparalled among broadcast journalists of her generation.  She has won 7 international awards and 3 local awards including the Rotary Club of Manila's 2007 Broadcast of the year.


1. Buto't Balat - heartbreaking tales of malnourished children show us why Philippines could be the New Africa.
Silver Screen Award, 2006 US International Film and Video Festival
Best Social Awareness Program, 2005 Asian TV Awards
Finalist, Adult Education Category, 2005 Japan Prize
2. Uuwi na si Udong - Boys work in sugarcane fields in ocean away from home to pay for their families debts.
Finalist, 2007 New York Festivals
3. Mga Anghel sa Dapithapon - Rachel is 9 and Maureen is 14, but already, their bodies are the physical age of their grandmothers.
4. Sa Mata ni Ekang - with a thief for a father, a drug dealer for a mother, and a pimp for a grandmother, how will the world look like in the eye of a four-year old?
Silver Screen Award, 2007 US International Film and Video Festival
5.  Gamu-gamo sa Dilim - Schoolchildren struggle to give light to their future despite the darkness that surrounds them,
Finalist for Best Public Affairs Program, 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards
Best Aired feature Story on Youth and Educatin, 2003 La Sallian Scholarum Awards

SRP: P 350.00

The Best of Jay Taruc

      Jay Taruc has won numerous awards, internationally and locally, such as Best Coverage of an On-going Issue with "Comfort Women" at the CNN World Report Award in Atlanta and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award for Inevstigative Reporting in 2000 for his "Child Labor" report in Brigada Siete. As a documentarist, Jay has become well-known for his immersion style - he experiences the life of his subjects to better tell the stories. 


1. Panay de Motor - Jay embarks on a motorcycle trip to document the urban legends of mystical Panay island. 
2. Maestrang Bulod - a school in Sorsogon is so remote that teachers cannot go home everyday. They have to eat and sleep in their classrooms. 
3. Ako at ang Butanding - the mysterious arrival of whale sharks in Albay drives Jay into the waters, despite his decade-old fear of the open sea. 
4. Gulong ng buhay - Jay spends day in a wheelchair and discovers that the rights of persons with disabilities are almost completely ignored in Metro Manila. 
5. Kapit sa patalim - small-time loggers in Quezon are torn between sustaining their natural resources and making a living.

SRP: P350.00


      After decades of coverage spanning five presidencies, GMA News unmasks the untold stories behind the major events and influential names that shaped the nation - Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo. A first in the Philippine broadcast history, the four living Presidents and a former First Lady appear in exclusive one-on-one interviews with the five pillars of GMA News - Jessica Soho, Mike Enriquez, MEl Tinagco, Arnold Clavio, and Vicky Morales.

20 Taon ng GMA Public Affairs

      GMA Public Affairs marks its 20th year of public service with a special retrospective documentary.  Hosted by Jessica Soho and Arnold Clavio, te special highlights the twenty biggest, most moving and most historic stories produced by GMA Public Affairs over the past twenty years - including those that took home Gold Medals from the NEw York Festivals and the prestigious George Foster Peabody Awards. 

- with English subtitles
P 400.00