Wednesday, March 3, 2010


      Don't you hate it when you watch some cooking shows and they have these hard-to-find ingredients that make preparing the dish possible? Well, on Quickfire, Chef Rosebuds whips up to 10 minute kitchen wonders through an easy to follow, step by step guide to delectable everyday meals using ingredients that are locally available. Yummy, family-friendly recipes such as Paella Burrito with Chorizo Sauce, Adobong Pusit Fritters and Pinoy Style Shawarma are a cinch to make with Chef Rosebud's time saving techniques.

A Mash-Up Array of Chow:

         1. Bulalo Steak
         2. Tawilis Okoy
         3. Laing Ala Ravioli
         4. Tinapa Nachos
         5. Vigan Longganisa Pasta
         6. Tinolang Bricolli Soup
         7. Adobong Pusit Fritters
         8. Pandesal Pizza w/ Itlog na Maalat
         9. Pinoy Style Shawarma
        10. Tocino Roll-ups
        11. Paella Burrito w/ Chorizo Sauce
        12. Makabayan Lechon Maki

Release date: March 3, 2010
SRP: P250

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