Monday, December 1, 2008



     by Jay Taruc
     by Kara David
     by Sandra Aguinaldo
     by Howie Severino
extras: Image Plugs of I-Witness
     Profiles of the documentarists

Release date: December 2008
SRP: P 350.00

Saturday, November 15, 2008

News and Public Affairs

Documentarists: Mike Enriquez, Jessica Soho, Mel Tiangco, Jay Taruc, Howie Severino, Kara David, Sandra Aguinaldo, Raffy Tima, Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales
Genre:   Documentary


From the most awarded and credible team of broadcast journalists in the country, here comes GMA News and Public Affairs’ award winning video documentaries now on DVDs.

Apart from presenting the country’s biggest issues – education, health, environment, crime and justice, labor, corruption as well as electoral reform--, it furthermore tackles different life situations of ordinary people of the country, which also concerns survival stories through their tormenting days.

11 Documentaries 
Release Date: November 2008 (Local)
SRP: P550

Monday, November 3, 2008


 Cast: Judy Ann Santos , Gina Pareño, Mylene Dizon, Eugene Domingo, Tony Mabesa, Meryll Soriano, Ces Quesada, Crispin Medina, Tessie Tomas, Spanky Manikan, Ketchup Eusebio, Boodge Fernandez, Cedric Amit, Ogoy Agustin, Joel Torre, Beth Tamayo
Genre:   Drama
      Ploning, is a story of one man’s search for the enigmatic woman who has deeply wounded him in the past. Having grown up in an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel, Rodrigo (30 years old) returns to the beautiful island of Cuyo and is given from sunrise to sunset to look for his “Ploning”.

      In his search, he discovers that the woman he loved and adored as a boy is not the woman he thought he knew. Ploning has displayed her maternal love for Digo (the 6-year old Rodrigo) but is shrouded in her mysterious love and devotion for Tomas, her childhood sweetheart who left her when she was 16. This 30-year-old spinster who has held a special place amongst the people as a dutiful daughter, a devoted friend, a caring sister and a loving maternal figure is slowly unveiled through Rodrigo’s memory and an emotional meeting with Ploning’s confidante, Seling. Through his search, Ploning will be revealed as the island’s most bittersweet source of selfless love.

Release Date: November 2008
SRP: DVD/VCD – P425/295


 Artist/s: Various


1.  Siya Na Nga Kaya
2.  Ang Aking Mundo
3.  Asero
4.  Lalola
5.  Ikaw Lang
6.  Tasya Fantasya 
7.  One Proud Mama
8.  Dream Car
9.  Make Me Believe
10. Kahit Magdusa Pa
11. Miss Serious
12. Kung Ako Ikaw
13. Gusto
 Release Date: November 2008
SRP: P 280.00 per album

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Cast:Diether Ocampo, Cherry Pie Picache, Bembol Roco, Karylle, LJ Reyes, Vaness Del Moral, Sheena Halili, Coco Martin, Ritchie Macapagal, Vangie Labalan, Robert Seña, Isay Alvarez-Seña,
Genre: Drama

      "Pi7ong Tagpo" is about life's journey, 7 different lives, 7 struggles, 7 decisions, 7 realities - all filmed in one take. The vision of the producers and director Rahyan is to craft a unique film by shooting each segment in real time. This means that each story was done in one long take – with absolutely no cuts – just like a theater production. Director Rahyan Carlos expounds, "Life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once." In an interview, Robert Seña, one of the actors and also part of the production team elaborates, "Life has no rehearsals, no cuts. You only live it once." Making the film more ambitious is the fact that each episode was shot between 13 to 20 minutes.

      Creative Futures seeks to inspire, educate and open people's eyes to life's many possibilities and create a ripple today for tomorrow's wave – a wave of hope and change that will make Filipino lives a little better.

Release Date: October 2008
SRP: DVD/VCD – P199/99


Cast/Character: Marian Rivera (Dyesebel), Dingdong Dantes (Fredo Legaspi), Kirsten Jane (Singrit), Jean Garcia (Queen Lucia/Doña Ava Legaspi), Rufa Mae Quinto (Amafura), Ricky Davao (Don Juan Legaspi), Alfred Vargas (Erebus), Mylene Dizon (Queen Dyangga), Marco Alcaraz (Usaro)

Genre: Fantasy /Romance/ Drama


      The story of Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel begins when human Lucia (Jean Garcia) delivers a beautiful, yet unusual, baby girl; unusual because unlike normal babies, Lucia’s child is born with fins for legs. The child is named Dyesebel. And although surprised by their daughter’s strange form, Lucia and her husband Tonio (Wendell Ramos) promises to love their child no matter what.

      But in no time at all, their neighbors discover the couple’s secret. And when the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, the town believes that the anomaly that is Dyesebel is to blame; an accusation that leads Lucia to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would fit better.

       Unknown to Lucia, it is at the heart of the sea that Dyesebel’s adventures and misfortunes will begin, and that it is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life, a journey that would take her to the depths of the sea, as well as the chaos of the city.

Release Date: October 2008 (Local)
P175.00 per volume

Friday, August 1, 2008


Artist: Jolina Magdangal


1.  Will of the Wind
2.  Pangako ng Puso
3.  Umibig Ka
4.  When I Close My Eyes
5.  Isang Taon
6.  Hanggang Kailan
7.  T’wing Kasama Kita
8.  When I Fall in Love
9.  Stitches & Burns
10. Buksan Ang ‘Yong Puso
Release Date: August 2008
SRP: P 280.00


Artist: Johnny Cross

  1. Nanginginig Pa
  2. Seattle’s Bucks
  3. Abot Tanaw           
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Bawal Ang Nakasimangot Dito
  6. Believe
  7. HHWW
  8. Driving Music No. 2
  9. Subterranean      
  10. Awit                
  11. Subterranean (Radio Edit)         

Release Date: August 2008 
SRP: P 280.00