Wednesday, August 1, 2007


(11 episodes per volume -5 hours viewing time)

Cast / Characters: Andre Lupin (Richard Gutierrez) Avril Legarda (Rhian Ramos) Inspector Clavio (Janno Gibbs) Ashley (Katrina Halili) Bridgette (Ehra Madrigal) Castor (Boy 2 Quizon) Angeli Villavicer (Abigail Cruz)
 Duroy (Tirso Cruz III) Cecilia Lupin (Lani Mercado) Rhea/Sister Anna (Ara Mina)
Genre:   Action /Adventure /Romance/Comedy
           The compelling misadventures of Lupin began when his rich businessman father was found dead. Andre Lupin, also known as Lupin who was left behind, was raised by a man named Duroy.  Lupin was treated as a real son and grew up becoming the best thief in town. He had quick hands and reflexes and he’s a fast thinker. Even though Lupin was only a high school graduate, he is extremely intelligent. He’s a business tycoon during the day and a master thief by night.  Lupin also opts to use his wit and charm as his weapons.

           Lupin has three sidekicks who help him in heists: Ashley, a military school graduate who is a sharp-shooter, a mistress of disguise, and a really beautiful lass; Brigette, Lupin's lookout, a college dropout from a computer school where she gained her skill in hacking, and an expert in using knives as weapons; and Castor known as the ‘King of Small Time Con’ who used to be Lupin's opponent.  In their adventure as thieves, a comical antagonist Inspector Clavio always gets in their way.

          Meanwhile, two women will capture Lupin's heart: Angeli Villavicer, whom Lupin wants to marry and turn his back from his dark life as a thief; and Avril Legarda, the orphaned daughter and sole heir of a killed rich businessman.

Lupin unfolds a compelling story of trials, tragedy, success and love. With sleek and luxurious sports cars, breath-taking and action-packed scenes, and swoon-worthy romantic story, Lupin will surely captivate viewers’ attention. Witness the adventures of a young man trapped in his past, which love has yet to set. 

GMA Records and Home Video releases Lupin on DVD.  Each DVD contains 11 episodes (5 hours of viewing time) and special features such as music video and kapuso plug. Grab a copy of this top-rated series at your favorite video outlets nationwide!
 Release Date:  August 2007
SRP:P 99.00 per volume


Artist: Kitchie Nadal


2.Iniibig Kita (Rounin theme song)
3.Majika (GMA's Majika)
4.Kapalaran (GMA's I Love New York)
5.Wag na Wag Mong Sasasabihin (Lovers In Paris theme song)
6.Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin (Instrumental) 
Release Date: August 2007
SRP: P 75.00