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Cast (in credits order) : Cesar Montano Sunshine Cruz Johnny Delgado Celia Rodriguez John Regala Rommel Montano
Cinematography By: Gilberto Vistan
Written By: Willy Laconsay & Cesar Montano / Directed By: Cesar Montano

2006 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards:
Best Editing. Best Actor (Cesar Montano), Best Supporting Actor (Johnny Delgado)

Genre:   Suspense-thriller

A series of murders takes place in the metropolis in a span of three weeks, the latest of which happens on the night Junior (Cesar Montano), a taxi driver, makes love to a prostitute. After establishing a pattern from the killings, police investigator Inspector Noble (Rommel Montano) theorizes that a serial killer may be responsible for all the murders. Junior is aware of the killings, but this doesn't bother him.  Instead, he is focused on his new relationship with a girl named Trixie (Sunshine Cruz), a nurse whom he plans to marry.  But Trixie wants Junior to meet her family first, so they head to the countryside where her family lives.
       As the story goes, a mysterious man riding in an old van heads towards Trixie's house. When the ominous-looking man reaches the house, he takes down Trixie's family one by one and captures Trixie alive.  Meanwhile, Inspector Noble finally identifies the serial killer—Damian Garote (Johnny Delgado), an officer of Metrocom during Martial Law.  He was considered to be the most brutal and ruthless police officer during his time.  Junior eventually gets in the way of Damian and tries to stop him from getting away with Trixie. The two will recognize each other easily. But in the end, nothing is what it seems. 

Release Date:  June 2007 (Local)
SRP: DVD - P 150.00 / VCD – P 75.00

Panaghoy Sa Suba

Cast (in credits order) : Cesar Montano Juliana Palermo Jacky Woo Joel Torre Ronnie Lazaro Rebecca Lusterio Daria Ramirez Caridad Sanchez Suzette Ranillo
Written By: Cris Vertido  Directed By: Cesar Montano
Genre:   Romance / Drama

Synopsis: In the island province of Bohol during the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines, a banca operator-turned-guerrilla named Duroy (Cesar Montano) falls in love with Iset (Juliana Palermo), a lovely lass from the same village where the people’s main thoroughfare is a river. 
            John Smith (Philip Anthony), an American stingy landowner is captivated by Iset’s beauty, and so is Duroy’s brother Ibo (Reiven Bulado). Since Duroy adores his family, he gives way to his younger brother.
          When the Japanese invasion begins, Fumio Ohkohara (Jackie Woo), a handsome Japanese officer takes over the village and also falls in love with Iset. 
           During the Japanese Era, Duroy joins a band of guerillas and later becomes their leader, mainly because of his talent in creating innovative methods in fighting the enemy. Iset, on the other hand, is appalled at the brutality of the Japanese and her father’s collaboration with them. She makes a bold move against her parents and what they stand for by joining the guerillas.
         After a series of sorties, Duroy leads a final assault over the Japanese and succeeds.  It boosts his low self-esteem as an underachiever and illiterate person.
        What appears to be a battle won in love and in war takes a strange twist in the end with the return of the American suitor.  Duroy, after getting rid of the ghosts of his troubled and deprived past, decides for everyone else. He answers the insistent call of the river.

Release Date:  June 2007
SRP: DVD – P 150.00

Asian Treasures

(8 volumes)
Cast / Characters: Robin Padilla (Elias) Angel Locsin (Gabriela) Marvin Agustin (Hector) Diana Zubiri (Ingrid) Eddie Garcia (Prof. Wakan) Glaiza de Castro (Clara) Marky Cielo (Mateo) Ronaldo Valdez (Ulysses) Jonee Gamboa (Don Julian) Caridad Sanchez (Miranda) Jaime Fabregas (Gomburza) Ella V. (Lady Grace)
Genre:   Action /Adventure /Comedy
Synopsis: Asian Treasures is an engaging story involving the quest for hidden treasures that date back from the start of Philippine civilization. It is said that these treasures were gathered from different parts of Asia by 10 Bornean Datus who formed a city in a place known as Itim na Ginto (Black Gold). This secret has been passed on among the descendants of two groups of Filipinos -- the KKK (Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan), who wants to protect the treasures, and the Sudama, the group who has selfish intentions in finding the treasures. Coming from the lineage of the KKK, Gabriela (Angel Locsin) is an iron-willed young lass who was well-trained in the field of combat for an all-important task of carrying on the mission of her ancestors. Since the Sudama have begun an aggressive pursuit of the hidden treasures, even obliterating KKK members who got in the way of their quest, the KKK needs to get ahead to be able to protect the treasures. In an unlikely turn of events, Gabriela’s path will cross with the wisecracking auto-mechanic-cum-stuntman Elias (Robin Padilla) who will be her companion in her special mission. Together, they will travel to different parts of Asia in search of the 10 powerful amulets and the clues leading to where the 10 Datus hid their Asian Treasures. As they face peril after peril in their Asian adventures, Elias and Gabriela will find something more precious than the treasures they are after, for they will soon realize that love has the ultimate power to turn their lives around.

DVD Special Features: Scene Selections, Pilot Episode, Behind the Scenes, Music Video
 Release Date:  June 2007
P 99.00 per volume

Ang Mahiwagang Baul

      “Ang Mahiwagang Baul” unravels the magical world of Philippine Folklore.  In the early days, it is accustomed to Filipino children to hear and read stories about Philippine myths and legends that have been intrinsically woven into the country’s rich culture. Unfortunately, today’s generation of Filipino children have lost touch with the richness of Philippine folk literature due to existence of digital technologies and proliferation of Western influences on television.

In an effort to rekindle the Filipino children’s interest in the richness of Philippine folklore, GMA-7 brings us “Mahiwagang Baul”, a weekly fantasy program that aims to impart good values, propagate better appreciation of the country’s cultural heritage and inculcate national pride among Filipino viewers.   GMA Records and Home Video on the other hand, will compile the episodes and release it on DVD format in different volumes, with the purpose of strengthening Filipino cultural values and reach more generations of Filipino children. DVD contains special features such as episode selections, english subtitles and trailers.  

Release Date:  2007
SRP: DVD - P 99.00


Best of GMA-7 TV Themes (vol.3) 

Artist/s: Various


Theme from
Pintig Ng Puso
Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso
Yasmien Kurdi
Sinasamba Kita
Sinasamba Kita
Ogie Alcasid
Janno Gibbs & Ara Mina
Walang Yamang Mas Hihigit Sa Iyo
Asian Treasures
Faith Cuneta
Janno Gibbs
Kailan Kaya
Fantastic Man
Michael V.
Super Twins
Michael V.
Princess Charming
Princess Charming
Rita Iringan
Ngayong Wala Ka Na
Yasmien Kurdi
Walang Imposible
Wish Ko Lang
Jolina Magdangal
Yellow Handkerchief (koreanovela)
Gabby Eigenmann
House Husband (koreanovela)
Gerald Santos
Magic Kamison
Magic Kamison
Gladys Guevarra
Release Date: June 2007 
SRP: P 75.00


Artist: Janno Gibbs


2.Lupin (with Ara Mina)
3.Walang kadala-dala
4.Ikaw lang at Ako
5.Little Boy
6.You Are to Me
7.Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
8.Sexy Mama (with Andrew E.)
9.Let Me Be The One (with Jolina Magdangal)
11.Ako si Superman
12. Moments Of Love ( with Jennylyn Mercado)

Release Date: June 2007 
SRP: P 150.00