Thursday, January 25, 2007


Artist: WINK

As the year 2007 begins, GMA Records launches its newest acoustic artist WINK.  This word denotes a hot band ready to rule the Philippine music scene.  Just like its simple, easy-to-remember name, this four-member band is out to mold simple melodies into catchy tunes with their playful harmonies and sensitive musicality.  But don’t be fooled by this assemblage of seemingly wholesome band members…WINK carries bold and brave interpretations of familiar tunes as well as a fresh, refined sound , oozing with tight harmonies that can appeal to people of all ages and races.

The members of this much-awaited band are: Adrienne “Adjeng” V. Sarmiento on vocals (former lead singer of SIPOL); Adamson “Adam” P. Cesante on guitar and vocals (former lead guitarist, vocalist and MD of Escape Band); Jonathan “Junjun” G. Regalado on percussion and vocals (former percussionist of SIPOL); and Juan Carlo “JC” C. Magsalin on bass and vocals (double bassist/electric bassist of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra).

With the release of their debut album entitled “Wholehearted” containing 10 tracks (5 originals, 3 revivals, 1 re-mix and an existing track done with Tagalog lyrics) under GMA Records, audiences can expect this gem of a group to shine with little” flashes of light.”

Date Released: January 2007
Format: P75.00


Artist: Janno Gibbs


1.Walang kadala-dala
2.Ikaw lang at Ako
3.Little Boy
4.You Are To Me  
5.Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
6.Sexy Mama
7.Let Me Be  The One 
9.Ako si Superman
10.Moments of Love 
Release Date: January 2007
SRP: P100.00