Friday, April 15, 2005

Pinoy Pop Superstar The Finalists

Artist: Pinoy Pop Superstar Finalists


  1. My Miracle (Pinoy Pop Superstar Grand Finalists)
  2. If You're Not The One (Michael Garcia)
  3. If You Don't Know Me By Know (Kristel Astor)
  4. I Believe (Charmaine Piamonte)
  5. Home (Brenan Espartinez)
  6. Through The Fire (MC Monterola)
  7. It Might be You (Jonalyn Viray)

Release Date: April 2005
SPR P 212.50 per Album 

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  1. Is this true? bugoy nabuntis si Ej Laure

    Im not sure if this is true about Bianca Umali Scandal

    Lots of fake news nowadays...haissst

    I know this one is true about the new parody of micheal V named Gayahin mo Sila

    stephen hawking death